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Speech and Language Therapy


Speech and language disorders for which we provide therapy are; Articulation and oral motor skills (how clearly one speaks), receptive and expressive language skills (the ability to understand and express what one thinks) and pragmatic /social skills (appropriate effective use of speech, facial and body expression), voice and dysfluency (stuttering). Signs of possible speech and language problems:


                  The child mispronounces 1 or 2 sounds that other children his/her age pronounce correctly.

                  Difficulty explaining how things are the same/ different or cause/effect.

                  Inappropriate/unrelated answers to questions. Unable to sequence stories or events.

                  Unable to properly structure/organize sentences. Uses an abundance of non-specific words.

                  Difficulty understanding auditory directions without visual cues.

                  When saying words the child repeats, prolongs or hesitates parts of a word several times.


Specific Reading Disability – Dyslexia


Early identification and intervention are essential if a child is to become an efficient independent reader. Remediation requires a more direct, intensive, multisensory instructional therapy for these children. Our center uses a variety of approaches including Slingerland, Lindamood Bell and Wilson. Common symptoms include the following:


Poor phonological awareness (distinguishing sounds within words).

Difficulty associating letters and sounds. Poor spelling, illegible handwriting.

Poor organizational skills. Confusion understanding time and space.


Parent Training


Our parents are encouraged to sit in on our sessions where they can learn how to support their child using our Home Programs. When children have the added advantage of practice between appointments with their therapist we see a positive jump in their progress.


Writing Classes


Our Center offers creative writing classes for students in 5th and 6th grades. The children are given the opportunity to create their own poems, see some of their poems published in classroom anthologies, and publicly share their work by reading them out loud during their final class parties to which their parents are invited. Many language skills are covered including vocabulary building, clear enunciation, and identifying rhyme patterns, reading fluency, as well as understanding more academic aspects of language including similes, metaphors and idiomatic expressions. The children also learn about famous authors. Classes are ten weeks long every fall and spring.